Our History 建堂經過

一九六零年代三藩市唐人街有人滿之患,屋租昂貴。有人說「三藩市」變成了「三煩市」;1. 住屋煩 2. 就業煩;3. 治安煩。住屋煩到頂點,實業界看到機會,紛紛在各方向附鎮大肆開發,增建住宅區。三藩市華人即能散居灣區以東至灣東山背以外地方包括康城 (Concord) 。

In the 1960, San Francisco Chinatown was in peril of overcrowding. Rent went sky high. Some even nicknamed it the “City of Three Headaches” meaning that it was troublesome to find: 1. Housing, 2. Employment, and 3. Security. Housing was extremely difficult. The real estate industry saw this as an opportunity to expand new housing constructions in the surrounding suburbs. The Chinese in San Francisco began expanding to the East Bay including the City of Concord.

那時羅腓力牧師在灣東植堂,看見許多華人在康城定居。羅腓力牧師認為這從主來的異象。所以不計百上加斤的辛勞,自動地,義務地到康市舉辦查班。這是建堂 的初期。

At that time, Rev.Philip Loh was church planting in the East Bay and saw many Chinese settling in Concord.  Recognizing this as a vision from God,  Rev. Loh  volunteered to come to Concord to begin a Bible study, despite of the additional work adding weight to an  already heavy load for him.

以後有了固定出席人數,便由華聯會津貼,聘傳道來專責;曾租用長老會,安息日會及浸信會来聚會。恩信堂弟兄姐妺的靈命豐盛,衷誠合作,維持教會增長,以致在1993年購下現址作為主耶穌基督 為首的教會。

Once we reached a steady attendance, the Chinese Pastors Association of C&MA supported us financially for the pastor. We rented various places including Presbyterian, Seven Day Adventist, and Baptist churches as our place of worship. In 1993, we finally bought our existing property as the House of Our Lord.