Online Sermons 收聽證道

日期 Date粵語講員 SpeakerEnglish講員Speaker
12/10/2017基督降生與我的關係羅裕康醫生Meet Your God One DayRev. Clement Lam
12/3/2017有福的人何永洪傳道A Home Away from Home - A Lifestyle of ShalomPastor Jason Kuo
11/26/2017使命、事奉與果效何永洪傳道Fit For A KingRev. Victor Quon
A Thought of Thanksgiving and You
何永洪傳道Pastor Wing Ho
11/12/2017作剛強的人,站立得穩黃宇奇弟兄God's Sovereignty - IIRev. Clement Lam
11/5/2017天國的子民羅裕康醫生Purity, Dating, Singleness And MarriageRev. Jerry Wong
10/29/2017意料之中何永洪傳道Matthew DiscipleshipPastor Ian Longtin
葉裕波牧師Not Be DeceivedRev. Clement Lam
10/15/2017人生的希望何永洪傳道Partnership in the GospelRev. Paul Chan
10/8/2017回家(獅子與浪子)羅裕康醫生God's Sovereignty - IRev. Clement Lam
10/1/2017做個忠心精明的僕人何永洪傳道The Prodigal FatherRev. Victor Quon
9/24/2017A Great Commisson CommunityRev. Jamison Parker
9/10/2017圈外的羊林修榮弟兄Sheep Not Of This Sheep Pen Brother Sau Wing, Lam
9/3/2017逃出他施黃宇奇弟兄Salt Of The WorldPastor Jackson Saekow
8/27/2017知恩者何永洪傳道Four Things That Hinder Our JoyRev. Marco Olsen
8/20/2017學習先賢的禱告何永洪傳道Re-CalculatingRev. Victor Quon
8/13/2017責備與勸勉羅裕康醫生Making a DifferenceRev. Clement Lam
8/6/2017當留心聽何永洪傳道Maximizing Your GiftednessPastor Tim Leung
The Persistence Of God, The Stubbornness Of Man
Pastor Wing Ho
7/23/2017聖經的財富觀何永洪傳道Doing It All For HimRev.Marco Olsen
7/16/2017神所用的拯救何永洪傳道Who We Are in ChristPastor Ian Longtin
7/9/2017忍受試探歐陽貫宗牧師Enduring TemptationsRev. Patrick Auyeung
7/2/2017生命的土壤何永洪傳道Life Worth LivingRev. Clement Lam
6/25/2017禱告的要素何永洪傳道Going Alone With GodBrother Marco Olsen
6/18/2017眼目的生活何永洪傳道Matthew 13:15-58Brother Justin Lau
6/11/2017人生是宿命嗎?何永洪傳道Blessed To Be A BlessingRev. Clement Lam
6/4/2017偏離與管教何永洪傳道Be Rich Toward GodRev. Jerry Wong
5/28/2017成長之路歐陽貫宗牧師Path to MaturityRev. Patrick Auyeung
5/21/2017使命的接班人何永洪傳道Let the Gospel Abide YouBrother Greg Tom
5/14/2017妳會跟隨嗎?何永洪傳道A Mother's DesireRev. Clement Lam
5/7/2017妥協的世代 II何永洪傳道How God Would Answer Your QuestionRev. Morris Curry
4/30/2017主禱文孟寶松牧師Spiritual Leadership at WorkRev. Tim Agnello
4/23/2017妥協的世代何永洪傳道Light of the WorldRev. Victor Quon
The Power of Christ’s Resurrection
Pastor Wing Ho
4/9/2017與你的神同行羅裕康醫生The PresentationRev. Clement Lam
4/2/2017新舊有別何永洪傳道Serve PeoplePastor Wing Ho
3/26/2017各就各位何永洪傳道 What Happens In Darkness?Rev. Victor Quon
3/19/2017不以為然的心態何永洪傳道Our Love and Love Not RelationshipsBrother Greg Tom
3/12/2017成功的危機黃宇奇傳道God's Special Blessings To MenRev. Clement Lam
3/5/2017信心與行動何永洪傳道Serve GodPastor Wing Ho
2/26/2017服侍的榜樣何永洪傳道When's the Last Time You Went to Egypt?Rev. Victor Quon
2/19/2017神同在的把握何永洪傳道A Gracious and Loving GodBrother Marco Olsen
2/12/2017異象與見證羅裕康醫生Now We Have BelievedRev. Clement Lam
2/5/2017服侍人何永洪傳道On the Calling and the Cost of DiscipleshipPastor Jerry Wong
1/29/2017事奉神何永洪傳道Divine Defender - Jesus ChristBrother Greg Tom
1/22/2017教會與世界何永洪傳道The God of HeavensRev. Clement Lam
1/15/2017跟從基督黃國忠牧師Learning with Peter, James and JohnBrother Marco Olsen
Look Back and Look Ahead
Pastor Wing Ho