Online Sermons 收聽證道

日期 Date粵語講員 SpeakerEnglish講員Speaker
5/13/2018愛與爭何永洪傳道Prayer Changes HistoryRev. Victor Quon
5/6/2018如何應對人生的逆境伍約伯牧師Know God's Will, Be True To His TrustRev. Morris Curry
4/29/2018大時代的呼聲Sister Karen LeeUnderstanding The Lord's WillBrother Joshua Chang
4/22/2018認識十架的道理何永洪傳道Wild And Endless GracePastor Ian Longtin
Pastor Wing Ho
Faith And WorksRev. Jerry Wong
4/8/2018忘我與捨己羅裕康醫生Living The Wonderful Spiritual LifeRev. Job Ng
4/1/2018 復活的盼望
The Hope Of Resurrection
Pastor Wing Ho
3/25/2018不朽的永恆者黃國忠牧師Walking With GodRev. Victor Quon
3/18/2018生命改變的証據歐陽貫宗牧師Living Proof Of A Changed LifeRev. Patrick Auyeung
3/11/2018靈命更新 - 認識盼望何永洪傳道Searching For Jesus:Evangelism In The Internet AgeBrother Lance Gee
3/4/2018信心歷程與功課 III何永洪傳道What Makes A Church ThrivingPastor Wing Ho
2/25/2018信心歷程與功課 II何永洪傳道Identity In The Midst OppositionBrother Joshua Chang
2/18/2018靈命更新- 認識試探 何永洪傳道God's Heart For The NationsRev. Tim Agnello
2/11/2018新年展望-心境與行動羅裕康醫生One As Well As The OtherRev. Clement Lam
2/4/2018信心歷程與功課何永洪傳道From Here To Eternity Pastor Tim Leung
1/28/2018教會興旺之道何永洪傳道Time And ChanceRev. Clement Lam
1/21/2018明白主心意何永洪傳道Be Motivated And Strategic In Sharing The GospelRev. Jerry Wong
The Blessing Of Unity
Rev. Mike Mitchum
1/7/2018有福的人 II何永洪傳道Our DestinyRev. Clement Lam